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  Tour Bus Visits and FieldTrips

The Moon Marble Company offers field trips for groups of all ages, including touring adults and children.  We can accommodate tour buses.  Please call ahead of time to schedule your visit.  913-441-1432

Rate information: $70 minimum for up to 10 people.  After the first 10 people, there is an additional $7.00 per person.

Field trip package for children includes playing marbles, watching an artist make a handmade marble, and selecting a tube of marbles (approximately 20 target marbles and the shooter) to take home.

Playing Marbles the Moon Marble way!!

Knuckling down in the Marble Ring   Daisy Girl Scout Fieldtrip

Bruce Teaching Marble Games to Scouts   Games with Kids from the Nation of Columbia

J Teaching Games to Kids at the Moon   Summer Game Playing Fun! 

See marbles made!!

Bruce making a marble on the torch  Sara Sally torchworking

Hong Kong Exchange Students Watch a Marble Being Made   Visitors from Columbia Watch Marble Demo from Bleacher Seating

Red Hat Ladies with Artist Ernie Kober   Classic Cars Fill our Parking Lot

Choose marbles from the "Wall of Marbles" to play at home!!

Wall of Marbles   Picking a Shooter Marble from Mr. Bigmouth

young visitor in front of marble wall   Picking marbles from the bins


Click For Driving Directions
There is a new exit for Bonner Springs off of Interstate 70. It is no longer simply Exit 224, it is now Exit 224A and exit 224B.

So, next time you come to the Moon Marble Company, take exit 224A to get to the Moon. Exit B looks like the exit you would have taken before, but DO NOT TAKE B, TAKE EXIT A!

**We recommend Field Trips for children 4 years and older.**

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